Sunday, September 2, 2012

Accept Or Reject A Job Counteroffer?

Congratulations!  That job you've been interviewing for (to the tune of 4 separate interviews over the last several weeks) has come though.  They FINALLY made you an offer. Whoever thought it would take so long to make a decision about one potential new hire?  Everything's looking good.  They offered the salary you requested, benefits are great and you're even getting your own office (with a window!).  Bet you're glad that ordeal is over.  Now you can accept their offer and tell your boss you're quitting and finally get a good night's rest.  What?  Your boss made you a counteroffer?

If you think having a counteroffer is flattering and it might be something you should entertain accepting, think again.  Statistics show that if you accept a counteroffer, the probabilities of voluntarily leaving in six months or being let go within one year are extremely high.  Once you have demonstrated your unhappiness to your employer, your loyalty will always be in question and in tough financial times, the pink slip might start with you.  Keep your focus on why you were looking to leave your present job in the first place.  The same circumstances that are making you think about a change will still be there in the future and will rear their ugly head sooner or later.  Your relationship with your boss (and possibly colleagues) will never be the same.

Accepting or rejecting a counteroffer can be the monkey wrench thrown into your career plans and not something you should take lightly.  Whatever decision you make, think of the consequences of your actions and how it will impact your career down the road.

"Progress always involves risk.  You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."
~ Frederick B. Wilcox

"Good Night, And Good Luck"

Laura Rivchun

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