Thursday, April 19, 2012

Common Job Interview Pitfalls

Have  you ever been on an interview and immediately afterward knew that you really botched up?  Did you feel you could have presented yourself so much better had you known the answers to some of those curveball questions?  More than likely, many of us have had one of those "dreaded" interviews.

We can't predict the personality of the interviewer or questions that will be asked but we can go in knowing we've prepared ourselves as best as possible.  Hopefully, the interviewer and you will connect and it will be the career match of the century.

To be at your interview best, there are some common job interview pitfalls that are necessary to address and might be missing from your interview preparation:


1.  No clarity of story (paint your picture)
2.  Don't know your value. Why and how are you unique?
3.  Didn't back up convictions with measurables.
4.  Didn't convey transferrable skills
5.  Inappropriate answers/behavior 
6.  Lack of interview preparation (didn’t research, review your resume, etc)

 Ask yourself this: "Am I conveying my transferrable skills?  Do I know my value and what makes me unique?  Can I provide specific and "measurable" examples of my accomplishments?  Is my story clear?

Just some interview food for thought.........

"Fortune favors the prepared mind."
~ Louis Pasteur

"Good Night, And Good Luck"

Laura Rivchun

PS -  My upcoming blog posts will address the 6 common interview pitfalls in greater detail (see above).  If you can't wait til my next post (that's a joke), please email me at with any questions.


  1. Do you do any private mock interviews with job candidates? If so, what do you charge, and when are you available for appointments?

  2. Hello again, Susan,

    Yes, I definitely do mock interviews and my clients have benefited greatly from them. It's a great opportunity to work out interview kinks and possible weaknesses in a supportive environment. A mock interview can either be conducted over a 2 hour session or as part of the "How To Ace The Interview Program" I am offering.

    I offer a "one time" free phone consultation for those interested in my coaching services and I discuss process, fees and schedule availability (schedule may vary week to week).

    If you know anyone who could use some brushing up on their interview skills, please have them contact me directly at

    Thanks for your continued support!