Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Positive Thinking Attracts Positive Results

Do you know the expression, "You are what you think"?  Did you ever read the book, The Power of Positive Thinking?  Positive thinking and attitude can change and improve our lives so we can be successful and happier.    So, if positive thinking can turn our lives around in a positive way, then, the opposite holds true if we think negatively.  I often wonder why so many of us focus on the negative aspects of ourselves and seem to forget all of our good traits and qualities.  Do you do this?  

I'm no expert on this subject but I can tell you this; it takes just as much energy to think positively as it does to think negatively.  Actually, it probably takes more energy to be negative.   I know.  Been there, done that.  When you're in job search mode, it's important to remain positive.  No one wants to hire someone who seems downbeat and down trodden.  


Do whatever it takes to feel positive about yourself particularly before you have an interview.  Meditate, read affirmation cards, do creative visualization, anything that floats your boat to feel good.  Then go out and knock 'em dead! 

"The power of your thoughts can open any door and you can set yourself free."
~ Lucy MacDonald

"Good Night, And Good Luck

Laura Rivchun

P.S. - If you have any thoughts, suggestions or concerns about being positive, I invite you to get in touch with me directly at  I'm available for one on one discussions.

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