Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Job Offer (Part One)

Congratulations!  You've been interviewing for a job for ages (you probably feel like you've aged) and finally received a job offer!  It's the dream opportunity you've been waiting for  and you're ready to jump in and get your feet wet.  It can be a long haul going thru the process of changing jobs and believe me, I can relate.

I remember working full time while interviewing and afraid my boss would find out.  When headed out for  an interview, I would make a mad dash to the ladies room to change into a business suit praying I wouldn't run into my boss in the elevator on his way for his afternoon coffee.  Somehow, I never got caught but I would hold my breath wishing I could put a paper bag over  my head so he wouldn't recognize me.

HERE'S THE POINT:  You never want your boss to know you've been looking for another job (unless you work for your uncle) until you have a signed offer letter and specific start date. As Yogi Berra once said, "It aint over til it's over".  I'm talking about a signed, sealed, and delivered offer letter.  In this uncertain economy, we have to protect ourselves.  DO NOT, DO NOT accept a job offer until everything is in place.

I worked with a client who accepted a job offer prematurely, gave her boss notice only to have the job offer rescinded.  Where did that leave her?  Out of a job.  Don't let your excitement of a job offer turn into a potentially sour experience.  There's plenty of time to be excited once you're in your new job.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on "The Job Offer (Part Two)

"Good Night, And Good Luck"

Laura Rivchun

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