Thursday, November 10, 2011

Networking - It Boosts Your Business

As a career coach I always preach about the value and benefits of networking (see earlier post, "Network").  Do you ask yourself why are career experts always yakking about this?  Don't they have other important career advice to share?  Of course they do.  The fact remains, networking is one of the best ways to showcase your business (whether you're just forming one or are a veteran business owner).  Many of us are aware of this but still go kicking and screaming all the way to networking events.  I've been one of them from time to time.  Who wants to get out of their cozy PJ's to be the social butterfly for an evening?  I think we have to "just do it" as my sister who is a brilliant Psychotherapist always rants.  Enough of my 2 cents (seems I have a habit of doing this) and on to my personal networking experience.

The other night I attended a cocktail event hosted by The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) which I'm a member at the NYC chapter.  NAPW is a national women's networking organization (300,000 strong) and they're doing a huge campaign to promote the organization.  This lavish event (Cosmopolitans and Sushi flowing) was to introduce Star Jones (remember her?) who is NAPW's national spokeswoman.  The other reason the event was held was to invite a select few back the following evening for the taping of the NAPW's infomercial hosted by Star herself.  I don't know what the criteria the producers had in mind, but those interested (me), had to be interviewed in front of the cameras.  Well, I was selected and the following night I was interviewed by Star on the set (felt like I was on The View) about my involvement with the NAPW and how it has benefited my career coaching business.  Great business plug, right?   There's no better way to boost your business than on national TV.  This never would have happened had I stayed in my comfort zone in my cozy PJ's.

Stay tuned for another successful networking story and as a result heading up a mentoring committee for the NAPW's NYC chapter (great organization).

"Good Night, And Good Luck"

Laura Rivchun

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