Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Presentation, Presentation.....

There are many factors that leave a good impression in a job interview but It's foolish to think if we have the experience and skills, we've landed the job.  Of course it's important but there are other things that are considered. How you present is everything.  You can look good on paper (resume), but if you're lacking in presentation, personality or character, you won't be leaving the best impression at all.  In recruiter's terms we call these "soft skills".  You can't change your personality but you can always brush up on proper interview etiquette. 

Interview Etiquette Tips (for starters):

  • Never keep an interviewer waiting (see earlier post, "Do You Know The Time Of Day?")
  • Don't smoke just before the interview.  Lots of people are offended by the smell of smoke
  • Turn smart phone off 
  • Don't be more than 10 minutes early for an interview.  An interview is scheduled at a specific time for a reason
  •  Always bring a resume even if it was sent electronically (bring an extra one in case another person is called into the interview unexpectedly)
  • Dress appropriately (see earlier post, "Dress For Success")
  • Send thank you email within 24 hours
I'll cover much more on the "etiquette" topic in future posts.  This is just food for thought.

"Good Night, And Good Luck"

Laura Rivchun



  1. Hi Laura,
    I find your blogposts very funny and informative, and often pointing to things we'd think were self-evident. You write about preparing for interviews a lot, and that's helpful. Could you share more of your thoughts about things to do to KEEP a job, and how to lobby for a raise, better perks, or a promotion in this economy? I work with lots of clients who are fearful, and don't know how to stand up for themselves these days, because they feel so expendable.

  2. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for reading my blogposts and I appreciate your suggestions. You've brought up a very good point and in future posts I will write more about workplace issues for those who are currently employed.