Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Short And Sweet

Don't you hate reading advertisements that have so much useless information in them that you wish the advertiser would just GET TO THE POINT?  I do.  Maybe it's the way my brain is wired but I can't stand a crowded, cluttered ad.  Half the time they just end up in my wastebasket.  Not a good thing for the advertiser.  Unfortunately, it's the same with a resume.  The person reading the resume isn't going to interview you because one of your interests is cooking (unless you're applying for a position on The Food Channel) or cycling (unless you're competing in The Tour de France).  We have just so much space on a page to showcase ourselves so it's best to use it wisely.  I once read a resume that was literally four pages long!!  I knew more about the guy than his family did.  TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!

TIP FOR THE DAY:  Don't write a novel.  This is not Gone With The Wind but a snapshot of your background (professional, not personal).  Try and keep it to a one pager.  If you can't, that's ok but don't include extraneous information. Your resume is your advertisement.

I better quit while I'm ahead or I might end up in your wastebasket.

"Good Night, And Good Luck"

Laura Rivchun

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